MNA Dept. of Juvenile Justice Gallery

The MNA Dept. of Juvenile Justice Art Program currently serves the young people in the Alachua County DJJ system. For protection, and privacy of the young artists and their families the identities of these individuals, and the full image of their artwork is not always fully displayed. Each picture has been partially cropped, and names have been removed.

The purpose of this gallery is to show a portion of what is being created by these brilliant youth in class. The goal of the MNA DJJ Art Program is to create a space of creativity the artists are invited to attend while in the DJJ facility. Once the individuals are released they are encouraged to continue artistic experimentation in the Made New Arts Community Classroom MNA is working to secure this Summer/ Fall where they can build positive connections while developing their skill, and ingenuity.

Each child that attends the class gets their completed pieces upon request, a handwritten letter of encouragement, and contact information about the Made New Arts Community Classroom that is in the process of being developed.

Alachua County DJJ Art PRogram MAde NEw Arts, Gainesville, FLorida, Arts                MNA Summer Fall Gallery 2017